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Beth Hallman is a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. Adored by thousands of readers for her live out loud style, she writes honestly and openly about fatness, family, mental illness, and the struggle to live in loving kindness. Beth doesn’t have a filter. She has a fresh, comfortable Southern voice, peppered with words that’ll make those with delicate sensibilities blush. Read more about Beth!

Beth Hallman "Back to School Eve" On the Plus Side
Writer: Beth Hallman | When you live in a small town, you best haul your behind to the store as soon as that school supply list is released. If you wait until the day before school starts (like some crazy mamas do), you’ll be standing in a ransacked Dollar General […]

Back to School Eve

I remember something a psychiatrist told me many years ago. He was one of my first shrinkamadinks. I kinda sorta simultaneously trusted everything he said while believing 100% he was full of crap. Look, it was early on in treatment. I hadn’t been diagnosed with all my acronyms yet. I […]