Five People on the Internet Who Changed My Life

Writer: Beth Hallman | My husband is a devastatingly handsome drummer and a small town high school band director. He’s a pretty cool guy to be partnered up with for the life. He’s also a mighty fine teacher. After two decades, I’m still in awe of his natural gift for teaching others and his dedication to honing his craft. He not only passes on an intrinsic love of music, but also a love of learning about the world and yourself. My husband often invites other music educators to rehearsals to help his students along in their paths.

These other educators are guest clinicians who invariably tell the kids the same thing my husband has told them about whatever piece of music they’re playing or whatever technique they’re attempting to master. Hearing the same direction from another person at just the right time often helps the lesson click. You can see the light of understanding flowing from their hearts and minds and into the music they make. The guest clinician is the one who helps open them up just a little bit more so the truth, the lesson finally makes sense.

Now, I know the internet is rife with negativity and soul pollution. Try being a mentally ill, fat woman who dares to live her life out loud online. Trolls don’t just lurk under bridges, y’all. Anyway, seek and ye shall find. Those who will help you in the same way my husband’s guest clinicians help his students are out here for you to discover at just the right time. They’re pumping out truths to help make those important life lessons click, finally at long, long last click in our hearts and minds.

The following folks have changed my life. They’ve helped me open myself up to understanding, accepting, adopting, and implementing fundamental truths about the world and myself after hearing those same truths a gajillion times before. These are my personal guest clinicians. I hope now is the right time for you to find them if you need them.


Mike Dooley- author speaker, entrepreneur

A friend of mine recommended this free email subscription to me called Notes from the Universe. And that’s how I came to know the teachings of Mike Dooley. He writes about the stuff I already know. Your thoughts become things. What you put out into the world is your reality, but I needed to get that message from him and I do every weekday via an emailed Note from The Universe. These emails contain short messages which fill me with hope, make me think, or kick me in the ass so I get back on track.

Many of my readers will tell me I write something exactly when they need to read it. I only share what I share ‘cause I need to read it too. I feel that way about my daily emails from Mike Dooley. I feel that way about his books and his videos too. Mike Dooley reminded me, helped this truth click- I am in charge of my journey. I manifest my path. I am love, light, abundance, and love. That’s pretty powerful to be the guest clinician for those lessons. I encourage you to sign up for those emails, friends.

Today, The Universe’s note read, “When you begin to find love, Beth, in people and places where you haven’t found it before, it’s always because you’ve grown. You so rock, The Universe” My husband likes to remind me this isn’t really the Universe sending me these emails and I like to remind him to hush his mouth.


Cynthia Ramsay Noel- blogger, fashion icon

I didn’t find Cynthia until I became active on Instagram early this year. I was blown away by this fierce, gorgeous fat woman who was rocking incredible fashion. I went in search of Cynthia’s blog, Flight of the Fat Girl, and found a three year love song. She’s been celebrating her love of self and love of fashion online, living out loud, being who she is right in front of everyone. Like a true fan girl, I went all the way back to her first blog post and found the truth I already knew, but Cynthia’s words made it click into place.

She wrote in October, 2013, “I’ve started this blog for many reasons, but mostly because I love fashion and through it, I have learned how to turn my bad days into good ones, my negative attitudes into positive ones and last but not least, the heads of others!!! So this is for all of you who, like me, sometimes struggle with loving what you see in the mirror. This is for all the ladies out there who have ever let the word “fat” hurt you. It is OUR word now, and we will carry it with us. We are each on our own journey. Whether your flight is waiting for takeoff or you’re cruising at peak altitude, let your spirits be lifted and show yourselves just how sexy, hot and beautiful you can be!!!

When she became a fellow expert here at On the Plus Side, I could have died. No, for reals. I had been following her on Instagram, marveling at the way she handled the ups and downs of her life, loving how she owns her look, and here we were, writing for the same online community. I was a little star struck. But here’s the thing. Cynthia is simply a woman who’s living her life out loud, loving herself authentically. Isn’t that beautiful?


Leo Babauta- blogger, author, Zen master

Leo Babauta writes Zen Habits. I don’t aspire to be a vegan, a runner, a minimalist like Leo. As a guest clinician, Leo had (and continues to have) some powerful messages for me. I know about mindfulness and frugal living. Mindfulness is one of the biggest, best strategies for managing my mental illness and living my life, but Leo will write something and I’ll read it at precisely the right time that truth needs to stick. If you’re interested in Leo’s zen habits, start here.

What changed my life is when I read this: “For just a moment, pause where you are, and soak in the current state of the room around you, and your own state. Just notice what this is like. Now see how this moment is enough. Just as it is. Without any need for improvement. It is a wonder, and there’s no need for more. Now see how you are enough. Just as you are. Without any need for improvement. You are also a wonder, exactly enough. You can go about your day, pausing every now and then to do a check: is this moment enough? Are you enough? And try answering, “Yes, absolutely and wonderfully.”

Good stuff that finally clicked.


Kati Morton- therapist, YouTuber

I’ve been in treatment for a variety of mental health disorders for over half my life. I think I know what’s what, right? But I don’t. My life seems like a constant stream of doctor’s offices, prescriptions, homeopathic attempts at solving what ails me, breakdowns, startups, and therapist’s couches. And then, I found Kati’s YouTube channel. Um, guys… it clicked.

What got through to me was the way in which Kati explains the things I already knew. I feel like I know them, know them now. You know? She’s a licensed therapist who’s created a global online mental health community, but it’s her videos that really, really set her apart. Listening to her explain the hows and whys of mental health changed the way I manage my own illnesses. For reals. Twenty five years of treatment and BAM! Guest clinician comes in and it suddenly makes sense.


Lisa, Mustang Sally Two– blogger, fashion icon

I started following Lisa on Instagram. There’s something about Lisa… I feel a peaceful stillness in her gorgeous photographs, her love of fashion. Seriously, she’s a Canadian CPA who kinda rocked my concepts of body image when I needed it most. Right on time as all good guest clinicians are.

I’d been so self-conscious since I gained back that 100 pounds, since I’d had a couple of hospitalizations for my Crazies, since anxiety became my master. Then, along same Sally… I mean, Lisa. I already know everything about loving myself. I write about it, for goodness sake. But here’s Lisa, celebrating herself by wearing beautiful clothes and showing her beautiful body. I needed to see a woman my size doing that. I needed that more than anything.


I think we all can use guest clinicians like the five I’ve shared above. I bet you already have a few of your own online (and in real life too!). Being open to the words of others is so important, friends. You never know who is gonna help you make something click.

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Beth Hallman
Beth Hallman is a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. Adored by thousands of readers for her live out loud style, she writes honestly and openly about fatness, family, mental illness, and the struggle to live in loving kindness. Beth doesn’t have a filter. She has a fresh, comfortable Southern voice, peppered with words that’ll make those with delicate sensibilities blush.

Read more about Beth!

About Beth Hallman

Beth Hallman is a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. Adored by thousands of readers for her live out loud style, she writes honestly and openly about fatness, family, mental illness, and the struggle to live in loving kindness. Beth doesn’t have a filter. She has a fresh, comfortable Southern voice, peppered with words that’ll make those with delicate sensibilities blush. Read more about Beth!

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