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    If you got your White Mage to level 70, by farming dailies for shire gear for your dark knight. And you just started doing the Stormblood Expansion, so what’s the best route for gearing up? How would you go about scaling upwards to getting ilvl360-370 gear for your WHM? If you lack of FFXIV Gil, you can find and buy in FFXIV4Gil.com. Not only that you can read more guides and tips on FFXIV.

    ● Eureka: Can be grind heavy but this is the easiest and most newcomer friendly way to ilvl 350/355 gear (left side except belt).
    ● Creation tomestones: Not capped and this will get you some ilvl 330 gear (340 once you upgrade it)
    ● Rabanastre: ilvl 330 gear and the material to upgrade your Creation gear
    Mendacity tomestones: Farmed alongside Creation but capped weekly (spend them wisely)
    ● Sigmascape Story: Another way to get ilvl 350 gear, especially useful for your accessories
    ● Crafted items: There are ilvl 350 gear that you could craft/buy off the market, not the best of ideas this late into a patch
    ● Byakko: Alternative ilvl 355 gear

    Requirements for these are:
    ● Eureka and Tomestones: Reaching lvl 70 and finishing the main SB MSQ.
    ● Rabanastre: ilvl 305
    ● Sigmascape Story: ilvl 325 and having done Deltascape
    ● Byakko: ilvl 340

    This should put you around ilvl 340-350 which will allow you to attempt Sigmascape Savage where you can acquire ilvl 370 gear and upgrade materials for your Mendacity gear. We’ll also get a new 24 man raid in a few weeks which will have ilvl 360 gear and whose coins can be exchanged for the same upgrade material.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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