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    Hi, I’m not able to wear t-shirts due to my small breasts. Last time when I went to a nearby beach with my friends. My bf made fun of my small breasts. I was getting irritated. I asked my bf whether he is bothered about my small breasts. He said that he loves me a lot and it is not a problem for him. But still, I’m conscious of it. I’m interested in modelling. To be a good model with perfect shape large boobs were needed. I took a decision on getting the breast implants. I started my research. I have heard that saline breast implants ( http://www.breastandtummytuck.com/procedures/saline-filled-breast-implants/ ) provide the excellent breast enhancement. But yesterday when I discussed on this my friend told me about another type of implant called silicone implants. Right now, I’m totally confused which one should I choose. Can anyone over here suggest a brief comparison between both the implants? It would be a great help for me. Thank you.

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