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    Richard Banks

    Nobody wants to hear the news of burglary in your home while you are out of town. Keeping your home safe is of utmost importance especially, when you are out of town. These are a few tips to keep in mind while going away from home to keep the intruders away from your home.
    –Always remember to lock your windows and doors. Whether you are going for going for a short while or for a long trip, you should lock up. Yeah, it sounds like common sense, but for an intruder, it needs only a minute to get in, grab your valuables and leave undetected.
    –Keep things like bikes and BBQs and bicycles- that are often left in the backyard -stored away from plain sight, when not in use
    –Having a home guard alarm systems installed can give you a peace of mind.
    –If you are going away on a vacation have a friend or family member pick your mails and flyers which will make your home look occupied.
    –And try to leave your lights on by setting up lamps with an automatic timer.
    I hope this small piece of advice helped you… Thanks..!!!

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