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    Hi all, I am a resident of Toronto. I have been living in Toronto for the last few years. There was an incident nearby our residence. One of my neighbour’s house caught fire last month. It was a difficult time for them. Luckily, no one got injured or burnt during the incident. Immediately they informed the firefighters. Nothing much happened but minor damages were caused inside the house. Next day, an inspection was done to figure out the source of the fire. The reason behind the house fire was the outdated wirings. The wiring couldn’t withstand the increased usage of electrical appliances. I don’t think like rewiring a house in Toronto is that expensive. This incident wouldn’t have occurred if they had done an electrical inspection once in a while. This incident can be a lesson to everyone. Be aware of the fact that outdated electrical system can cause fire often. If a home is old, it might not have the wiring capacity to handle the increased usage of electrical appliances like computers, wide-screen televisions, microwaves and other electrical devices. So friends, once in a while have an inspection at home, check the wiring and electrical system at home and make sure that your home is electrically safe. Thank you.

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