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    Hello all!!
    My husband is an avid cyclist. Cycling is his life. He used to participate in almost every marathon in our area and he loves it. We first met during a marathon and he proposed to me after the journey back home. We used to meet every Fridays after our work at different places. Also during Saturdays, he used to take me for movies and finally we stepped into marriage.
    Yesterday night my husband’s friends came to my home and we were discussing till 12 am about the different ideas on the promotion of the marathon which is going to conduct soon. One of our friends suggested about the street team promotions in Toronto ( ) . We are incorporating our marathon and designs on ad trucks, bikes and taxi tops. We are planning to give the maximum promotion for our marathon. I would like to get more ideas and suggestions for this. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you!!



    It is on the front side Suggest your ideas and positives for the citizens. The question of the side and rating is approved for the managers. The sight is done for the fluctuations to be removed from the main sight for the people.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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