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    Hey, our attic was occupied by a family of a raccoon. Only on the last, we realized it. As per my friend’s suggestion, we called a nearby wildlife removal service for help. They came and abandoned the gang within a day using some traps and all. I’m not sure whether the removal is permanent or not so far we haven’t encountered any creatures! The cleaning process was a real headache, as we opt the help from pros to remove the wild, I thought of cleaning the area on my own(my husband helped though!). It was a task to get rid of the odour! So I’d like to give a few tips to get rid of these raccoons and similar wildlife smell.

    1. Get to the source of the smell and remove the nest and dungs as well as any urine soaked insulation
    2. Saturate the whole area with LiquaSan, let dry. For suborn issues, repeat if necessary. LiquaSan works great underweight and you will start to notice a difference right away
    3.Before locking up the area, tuck in and activate the appropriate amount of Vapour Kits
    4. Assure the area being treated is sealed. Painters tape around any doors or cracks works excellent! Make sure sunlight is restricted so I recommend that a minimum of 12 hours overnight will be great.
    5. Remove vapour packs the next day being very careful not to spill any access liquid that may be in the dish
    For best results in restricted, limited access spaces, leave the vapour kits in and simply close up space
    I hope this helps, share with your friends and family in need.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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