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    Richard Banks

    My cousin is thinking of installing an alarm system monitoring in his home. He and his family is going on a vacation this month. They won’t be back until May. They ’ve been planning this trip for a long time now. His children’s are really excited about it. It’s their 14th wedding anniversary in May. So, they will be back only after that.
    But he is worried about the home security. He has no prior experience in a situation like this. Also, he has never gone on a vacation this long. He asked me about this. Since I am in the same situation like him, here I am asking your help. The main this he wants to know is if he can have access control over the doors and other while he is away from home. He is aware of other general security systems. If anyone has any suggestion on this please let me know.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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