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    Warriors are a versatile job class, they do decent amount of damage and tank well. This makes them valuable in a party as they can tank or off-tank and do some direct damage when needed. Warriors defense cooldown, what are the best at end game? they don’t seam to have many?

    ▶ Warrior actualy has one of(if not the best)defence kit of the tanks.
    ▶ Rampart – Standard cd of a the three.
    ▶ Raw Intuition – WAR Phys damage cooldown, works well during heavy auto damage or phys busters. Also has a use in magic heavy or only fights like O6S when paired with Shake it Off.
    ▶ Thrill of Battle – Very strong cooldown. Works multiple ways as a self heal, damage boost for Upheavals and is fully utilised paired with %mitigation.
    ▶ Vengance – WAR staple cooldown. Short cd, long duration, deals damage on phys attacks, just the right amount of mitigation.
    ▶ Holmgang – One of the reasons WAR cooldown kit is so powerful. Very short cd, meshes with warriors other cds like thrill to heal after its effect ends. Alows warriors to take multiple busters and utilise thier other cooldowns for raid/autos/fluff damage to make warrior very very sturdy as a tank.
    ▶ Shake it Off – Short cd raid shield. Able to eat your other active cooldowns(but rampart) to increase its potency.
    ▶ Then you also have Inner Beast availableas needed but you wont use that so much.

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