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Alysse Dalessandro "Know Thy Fashion Self" On the Plus Side

Writer: Alysse Dalessandro | I would hate to think I’m predictable. I pride myself on trying new things and taking risks in fashion but what if I am unconsciously taking the same risks. Does that make them less risky? And more importantly, does that make me a fashion fraud?

Looking back over my fashion history, I see a common theme: thighs. Just for the times I’ve worn pieces from On The Plus Side alone, I’ve covered almost every season and done it with my thighs out. From tunic tops as dresses to capes with shorts, I really just gravitate towards thigh-baring looks.

Alysse Dalessandro "Know Thy Fashion Self" On the Plus Side

Today’s look is no exception from On The Plus Side is no exception. When I saw the Blithe Tunic, I loved how it was both fitted and flowy at the same time. I also took note of the curved hemline which made it cut shorter on the sides than in the front and the back. I instantly knew I wanted to wear it without pants.

Alysse Dalessandro "Know Thy Fashion Self" On the Plus Side

Like everything I’ve worn from On The Plus Side, it’s extremely well-made. The front features a front gathering for some visual interest. The fabric is high stretch in a soft knit. It’s a tunic straight from my thigh-loving dreams.

Alysse Dalessandro "Know Thy Fashion Self" On the Plus Side

After taking these pictures, I saw the pattern of styling looks that show my thighs. I felt guilty. I thought to myself, “Am I not giving other fat folks enough style inspiration?” among the other questions already mentioned. I had a moment of doubt with myself. But then I asked myself something else. I asked myself, “But does wearing this make you feel happy and free?” And with a resounding yes, the rest of the questions really didn’t matter anymore.

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