ShaKera Ferguson

As a little girl ShaKera never struggled with her weight. She was raised to be a self-confident individual from her parents and grandparents. At an early age, ShaKera knew that she was beautiful on the inside and out. She believes that growing up with self-confidence has lead her to be the fierce and relentless self-love advocate that she is today.

The result of her life’s journey inspired ShaKera to put her love for fashion and need to inspire others into a positive platform. After several years of debating, ShaKera finally started “The Real Sample Size” (The RSS) in July of 2015. Here she will love to inspire each and every woman to live in their truth and be the best version of themselves. Yes, her outlet is fashion and beauty but she is not limited to just these areas of self-love.

ShaKera wants to show the world that as a transitional size 24, that you can still be stylish and fashionable. She focuses on giving her readers options and resources to be the best they can be.

By day ShaKera is an middle school educator. With 10 years in education, ShaKera is using her talents in and outside of the classroom to promote education. She loves what she does and the ability to educate and impact so many lives.