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Alysse Dalessandro "Spring Fashion Ready" On the Plus Side

Writer: Alysse Dalessandro | For the majority of my life, I’ve lived through terrible Midwest winters. Both in Chicago and Cleveland, I’ve embraced winter coats and even learned to knit so I could make my own scarves. But even as I have found ways to make winter more bearable, I am still elated every time spring rolls around.

When the first weekend of spring rolled around in Cleveland, the weather was surprising. This is a city where it can snow one day and be 65 degree the next.  I was so happy that instead of snowing, it was so warm that I was able to explore the city in a jumpsuit and lightweight duster from On The Plus Side.

Alysse Dalessandro "Spring Fashion Ready" On the Plus Side

I found this jumpsuit back in November at an outlet sale. The weight of the fabric definitely made it more of a Spring/Summer fit so I held onto until the first weekend of spring. I was ready!

As a plus size woman, I am conscious of how rare it can be to find something I’ve been looking for in my size. The jumpsuit was wide leg and wasn’t too long. I happened to buy it on a shopping trip with my straight size friends. I watched them try on cute piece after cute piece in their size and find reasons that they didn’t like what they tried.

Alysse Dalessandro "Spring Fashion Ready" On the Plus Side


Sometimes, I find myself doing the opposite. I am totally guilty of trying to find reasons to like things just because it’s in my size. I sat there in awe of the choices they had. There was only a few stores where I could even try anything on at all.

Shopping off-season is one of the ways that I stay ready. Even it’s the dead of winter, I will still buy a bikini I like in my size. I notice that I hoard clothes like winter is coming and I might not be able to find it again because I’ve experience so many seasons where I couldn’t.

Alysse Dalessandro "Spring Fashion Ready" On the Plus Side

While shopping at the mall may be scarce for plus-sizes, online retailers like On The Plus Side meet my needs year round. When I needed the perfect layering piece for this jumpsuit, The Dove Duster was there for me!

I really love this duster because of the details. The sleeves are woven and the collar is crochet. As far as the cut, it’s the high-low hemline complete with lace trim that’s truly dreamy.

Alysse Dalessandro "Spring Fashion Ready" On the Plus Side

As soon as the warmer temperatures came around, I was ready for spring fashion because I had been ready. I don’t really know what it’s like exactly to dress for the seasons because I buy what I like in my size when I have the chance not based on the weather. As more retailers continue to shift focus from brick and mortar stores to online efforts, I think the whole shopping experience will change and guess what? I’ll be ready.

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